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The Charlie Chaplin Centenary: The Little Tramp at 100

Added on by Christian Hayes.

Charlie Chaplin started his film career in 1914 and this year is the centenary of the little tramp. I will be speaking at the Charlie Chaplin Centenary in Bologna, Italy.

Charlie Chaplinitis: The Chaplin Boom in Britain, 1914-1915
Friday 27 June, Cinema Lumiere (Scorsese Theatre), 11am

I will be speaking about how Chaplin's image was circulated at the very start of his career in Britain and how he was perceived and promoted during that time. The Chaplin Boom was known as 'Chaplinitis' and I will be showing how printed ephemera such as boys' magazines and sheet music reveal attitudes towards Chaplin and prove how the influence of the little tramp went far beyond the films themselves.

You can find out more about the celebrations here.